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What Characters are Allowed?
This is a game for characters from all mediums. All published characters are allowed, however, due to the nature of this game your characters will need to be re-created in this world as though they came from Solena or an outlying country/province. They will be powered down to begin with although the longer you stick with them the more abilities or weapons they will gain, so take some time to think through how your character grew up here, where were they born, what job do they have etc. If they were a shinigami in their world, perhaps they are a mortician, debt collector or even a police officer. We encourage cross-fandom interaction so check the character list and see if there are certain characters yours may interact with. For instance, if you play a high school student, your character might be in a class with someone elseís character or at least attend the same school. We also encourage you to reach out to those characters to see if you both want to establish a preexisting relationship with them (ie. associates, neighbors, classmates, family, friends, enemies, frenemies etc).

Activity and Your Character
This is a game that greatly relies on the activity of its members. If you canít commit to at least fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, we advise you to simply join as a Civilian (see information below) as we donít expect these players to be as active. Simply put, we donít want the MS Players getting stuck without teammates. There is currently no formal Activity Check but Moderators will be watching activity and contacting players who arenít active enough or are consistently holding up threads until a solution can be found.

Three types of characters:
Civilians: Players who don’t have a lot of time to commit to the game. These players will only be playing in daylight or main city threads and will not participate in the night games. OR secondary characters you may not want to play as often as your main character. Types of characters you can play that would fit into this category: teacher, doctor, shop keeper, student, employee of an establishment etc.
MS Import Players: These should be active members who would have their character come from the outlying cities to play the night game. Remember you’ll be part of a team so unless there are at least two members present (unless otherwise stated), players will have to temporarily be assigned to another group and you’ll have to deal with the backlash IC. Import players are welcome to enter day threads in Solena every now and then depending on how active they are..
MS Players: Should be very active in the game. They will be playing out both day and night activities.

Other things to keep in mind while you build your character and begin filling in the application:
It should be assumed that your character has some sort of motivation to join the Society and reasoning must be entered in your application. This is subject to change in game but you must have at least one reason why they would accept to fall back on in case nothing else comes through. If they do not currently have any reason to join the game, do not have them receive an invitation until there is one. Until then, you will be playing a Civilian.

It would also make sense that most of these characters have some sort of quality that the Society saw in them to invite them whether it’s fighting skills, an incredible drive or intellect, give us a reason to invite your character.

Read through other applications. Are there already too many characters that are really similar to the one you were thinking of applying? Are there tons of really nice people? Variety is the spice of life and it’s not fun when EVERYONE is one extreme.

On Grammar/Spelling
This game is mostly log based so it's important for your entries to be readable. We understand typos happen, please make use of the spell check function and re-read your entries before posting. On the board you can edit if you need to make something more readable.

Abilities and Weapons
Your character is normal. They will not start with any superpowers they may have in canon. Here are some things they CAN start with.

  • Martial arts training (Be sure to do a little bit of research on a style or two, be realistic, maybe your character will have a main one and they may dabble in a second on the side. Make sure you figure out how long they’ve been taking classes. Don’t overdo your skills, you’re not going to be Bruce Lee. We want to start people off pretty low and we’ll judge this on a case-by-case basis.
  • A weapon (something they might have an affinity toward or access to: see martial arts. No actual bullet guns will be used. You can have a dart/pellet gun or a taser if you have a gun wielding character. All weapons will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
  • Above average strength (example: they weight lift, lift heavy boxes at work every day)
  • Agility (example: they do sports)
  • Above average intelligence. Please rememeber, just because you wrote it that way on your character sheet doesn’t mean other players/characters will automatically give your character the benefit of the doubt. So be ready to do a bit of extra work!


Vacation and Extended Absence
We understand that real life happens and that real life > roleplaying. If you are going to be absent for five days or longer please post a message in the hiatus/dropping section and let us know how long you’re going to be gone. PLEASE write your character out of the threads that you are currently in. For more information on Vacations and Extended Absences please see this article.

Please keep in mind we don’t want players who pick up and drop characters on a weekly/monthly basis. Characters who stick around get quite a few perks so you’ll want to develop a character that you find interesting and entertaining so spend some time on your application and really flesh out your character. That being said, if you’re leaving for whatever reason, please post in the Hiatus/Dropping section or PM a mod.

PLEASE write your character out of the game either IC or OOC. Call your teammates up and tell them you’re moving or you failed a few classes in school because you slept through them due to The Mitternacht Society so you’re going to focus on studying. We want to keep the themes in the game somewhat light so please don’t kill your character off permanently.

How Posting Works
There are a number of different forums you can play around in. Feel free to start a new thread but before you do, see if there’s another thread that has already been started that you can join. Be careful that you aren’t showing up in two different places at the same time. Obviously time lines can be fudged a bit but Brian shouldn’t be looking for his lost keychain in the swamplands on Monday afternoon if he’s out to lunch with Tracy Monday afternoon. Third person roleplay will be done in the LJ log community or if you feel like it, on the forums. Any internet interaction that isn't chat based can be done on the livejournal community.

Posting Order
Posting order is very important in this style of play and it is a very simple concept. Let’s start with a simple two player thread. Obviously Max isn’t going to post twice in a row when he’s talking to Bethany, he’d wait for Bethany to reply then it’s his turn again.

Let’s make it a bit more complicated now. Max and Bethany are talking when Tracy decides to join in. Posting order will look more like this:

Tracy enters

Max gets to go next since Bethany just posted prior to Tracy entering so it will continue:

For more on posting order see this article.


God Modding/Twinking/Metagaming
Don’t do it. This means that you cannot connect hits with another player. Tracy can throw a can at Bethany, but she cannot hit Bethany in the head with a can. Bethany will decide if she wasn’t paying attention and the can hit the back of her head or if she was paying attention the entire time and ducked before the can hit her. In the same vein, never say what another character is feeling/seeing/doing/saying unless they themselves have said this is OK. You play your character and let other people play theirs. This is basic rp etiquette and is especially important when you get into sparring/fighting.

Remember, good role players take hits and they don’t always win the fight. If you want to make sure you’re being fair, a fun and exciting way to do it is: ‘heads you dodge, tails you get hit’.

Please do not use OOC information/knowledge IC. If Max set up a trap near the old factory Thursday afternoon and no one joined his thread to witness it, then Brian wouldn’t step around the trap to get to Max on the other side who is on the ground pretending he broke his ankle. Tracy cannot tell John that Amy is 17 just because that’s what it says in Amy’s profile. Mistakes happen, but please be careful and if someone asks you to remove something of this nature, comply.

Be respectful and considerate of admins, mods and other players at all times. Rude and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. This is not to say that you aren't allowed to disagree with anyone but keep the debate cordial; tact is your friend. If you cannot come to an agreement on your own please contact one of the moderators


Icons and Sig files

Icons should be 100x100 pixels to keep everyone uniform.

Your icon should be some sort of representation of your character. You may draw your own icon or use a PB (played by) if no official images exists(ie: a book character). This includes real people, anime, video game and comic book characters. Try to keep to lesser known characters; if you use a picture of Sailor Moon a lot of people are only going to be able to see Sailor Moon and not your character.

As a courtesy, if you plan on using someone else’s art/fan art, ask permission first and credit them in your profile once permission has been granted (please no excuses like, ‘but the site’s in Japanese’ or ‘I found it on photobucket’).

If you need help making an icon, post a request in the OOC forum and one of the artsy people around will probably be more than happy to make one for you. Do not, however, expect anyone to draw your character for you; cropping a picture is a lot different than drawing one. Feel free to request though, you might get lucky or at least people might post some suggestions.

Likewise, sigfiles should be no larger than 500 x 100 (W x H) pixels. No one wants to scroll through pages and pages of sigfiles. They should also represent your character in some way.


We will always assume that players who are accepted into The Mitternacht Society have read and understand the rules. We acknowledge that rule-breaking incidents need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis but we also believe that it's necessary that we implement a warning system.

The warning system is a very basic "Three Strikes" deal. Warnings will be PM'd to players, and the administration team will make note. If three warnings are given to a player, and there is still no sign of improvement, the offending player may find themselves suspended or permanently banned.

Some actions will result in an insta-ban, however, they can be avoided with the application of common sense. Hateful comments that are said in the OOC areas, or are out of place in character, will not be tolerated. Bullying other players will not be tolerated etc. Again, please use common sense, and think before you type. The administration team is always open to PMs should you have any queries.

Before you can join the RP, it is very important that you first read all of the rules. There are not many, and we’ve striven to make them as quick and painless as possible. However, we want all of our players to have a clear understanding of what will be expected of them before they join the game.

Once you have read and understand the rules, it is time for you to submit your application. If you wish for your application to show up under your character ID instead of guest as well as to have the ability to edit it later, set up an account. , your account name should be the same as your character’s name. Please note that it is very important that you use a valid email address when signing up for an account. That email address is what we will be using to contact you with any important information and notices throughout the game. Another measure we have taken to cut down on spam is adding a security question. If it is confusing you, we are looking for the name of the province which is easy to find on the world page.

When you choose to fill out your character application. Please take your time on this. Really put in the extra effort to flesh this person out. Remember, you’re going to be playing as this character for a while so make sure it’s the kind of character you’ll have fun with for the long haul. Also, pay attention to things like grammar and spelling. We know the occasional typo happens to the best of us, but if it’s clear you didn’t even bother to run a basic spell check, expect to be rejected..

When your application is all polished and ready and you’ve hit the “submit” button at the bottom of the form, it will appear in the “Applications” section of the forum. Once there, the Administrators will review and decide. We strongly encourage you to read their feedback carefully and with an open mind. You may be asked to clarify certain parts of your application. You may be told that certain aspects of your character need improvement. Sometimes having feedback from other people can really help you solidify and improve your character in ways you may not have thought of on your own. Flexibility is key in this sort of game.

Finally, once the Administration has given you their feedback, read all your responses and made their decision, they will give you one of three verdicts: They will either tell you that you have been accepted to the game and give you further instructions, ask you to revise your application and resubmit, or, when necessary, inform you that your application has been rejected.

Best of luck!