(Solena is completely fabricated from our collective and twisted minds so some things may not be completely logical but that’s the way we want it.)

Solena is first and foremost a peninsula, surrounded by water on all sides except for one, the East side that is attached to the mainland.There is a mountain range in the center of the isthmus, with a bit of forest at the base and on the other side there's a desert. The outlining areas will definitely have a tropical feel even if it doesn't look very tropical, there will be palm trees on some of the beaches where there are long stretches of sand. The climate toward the inside will be slightly more moderate. There are four seasons, summers with highs in the low 90's, in the winter it does tend to get chilly and it will snow, mostly inland where there's a higher elevation. It's more like slush in the old city unless there's a HUGE storm that rolls in. Solena is usually green and in the abandoned areas nature has started taking over the buildings.


Two Major Companies

Solena Omni-Link (SOL)
As the name suggests, Solena Omni-Link was the company that founded Solena many years ago. SOL was the sole company responsible for creating the monorail system that is now widely used in this world to transport people long distances quickly, efficiently, inexpensively and cleanly.

While this company had other impacts on the province, the monorail was its main project. The company still upkeeps the system and its cars to this day.

N-OsiriX (NOX)
N-OsiriX is around the same age as SOL and known throughout many provinces. The company’s main focus began in pharmaceutical research and development and many years later it began doing the same for technology. NOX is often contracted for jobs by the military and therefore tends to have a larger budget than most companies.

NOX was responsible for developing the Light Rail in Solena which connected the inner city of Solena and rendered most vehicles obsolete. The Light Rail has become the status quo and is being built everywhere throughout the world.

Fifteen years ago N-OsiriX expanded to Solena, purchased an empty lot in Castellatus where they built a high-rise base of operations. Here they crossed over into transportation and began the development of the Light Rail. It took five years to complete the expansive project. All the while, they enticed some of the brightest minds of Solena Omni-Link to their business which could offer more than SOL could at the time.

The completion of the Light Rail was a huge blow to SOL who continually lost researchers and developers to the larger conglomerate. In order for SOL to keep up, they closed their old factories in Corona one by one, only keeping the newer ones along the border and the others located in Castellatus. There were also some layoffs during the first several years, many found a new home at NOX while others moved to other provinces or changed careers. Once the company stabilized in order to compete with NOX again, SOL hired back some older employees and began gambling on unemployed workers from other provinces by offering short hours and free transportation via the Monorail. Many of these workers have since relocated to Solena and SOL is making a slow yet steady comeback.

After being abandoned for several years, Corona lays in ruins. Nature has reclaimed many buildings and created a strange and haunting jungle of nature twisted with man made structures. A perfect place for The Mitternacht Society’s playground.



Credits – Basically just think about it as the US dollar or your country’s equivalent. Everything will be paid out with a full credit that means 28 credits, not 28.32.

Everyone will have a personal bank account where they can assume their salaries will be transferred and where credit prizes from the game will be deposited. We will not be monitoring your personal account, that’s your job because everyone’s financial situation will be different. Please be a good rper and don’t go buying champagne bottles worth 300 credits when your character is supposed to be just scraping by. If you play a rich character then by all means go for it. Cool fact: your 'credit card' is a chip in your thumb!


The Monorail:
There is a monorail that runs all the way around the outskirts of Solena, sometimes a quarter of a mile from the ocean, other times a mile or two away. It is well maintained even through the Old city and still used by residents to get around. This is how the majority of participants will arrive on location to play games. The monorail is owned and operated by SOL.

The Light Rail:
A quiet train-like group of vehicles that runs on tracks using electricity. There are several different lines that take you to different areas of Solena. They also have stations that are shared with the monorail. It is slower than the monorail but the monorail doesn't go through the popular districts. Built and owned by NOX.

Electric Scooters, Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards and Walking:
The only other means of transportation in Solena. There are no cars/trucks.

There are freight light rail cars to move cargo around the city. Also there are freight cars for the monorail; these will hang below the track while passenger cars will run above the track.


The Mitternacht Society
The Game Within the Game: Game Rules Apply to Mitternacht Society Members Only. Along with rules for the game in general, there are also rules for the characters who join the Mitternacht Society. These rules would be sent in the orientation packet that your character will receive a day or two after applying to the Society along with a touch to talk SAT phone for communication during games.

The following rules are for you, the player as well your character. It would be safe to assume that your character would get a slightly more abridged version. So it would be like:

* Don’t share the contents of this packet with anyone.
* Do not talk about The Mitternacht Society with anyone who is not already a member.
* You must wear the Eclipse Symbol when you leave your house.


The Eclipse Symbol
Your character(s) should always wear one when leaving their home. There are many different ways of wearing the eclipse symbol. First and foremost, all characters will receive an eclipse pin in their invitation. There will be a small merchandise catalogue that arrives with your orientation packet and your character may choose to order an item or two from it. It’s basically up to you, just don’t overdo it. All items will have the symbol on it.

Here are some ideas you can work with: key-chain, sweatshirt, hoodie, t-shirt, tank top, baseball cap, patch, iron on, windbreaker, bracelet, ring, necklace (charm) etc. There will also be information to a single tattoo artist who is certified by the Society. This will not be a free service, but you’ll get a discount and you must bring your pin with you. Feel free to come up with your own ideas pertaining to the symbol.

There are three incarnations of the Eclipse Symbol.

The pin you receive with the invitation will look like this:
This symbol means that you are an official member of the Mitternacht Society. It also means that you are currently looking for a group.

(1 lonely person)

The second stage:
This symbol means that you currently belong to a group but you’re looking for other members to join.

(2-3 members)

The third stage:
This is the full symbol and it means that either your group is full or not currently looking for any new members.

(2-4 members)


Group numbers are subject to change depending on how many players/groups we end up having.

All symbols on shirts/patches/jewelry/tattoos will morph between the different stages as needed so there is no need to order new items because your team status has changed. (Don’t ask, it’s science okay?) In order for the symbols to morph, a group has to pretty much come to an agreement (think democratic vote, majority wins) whether you’re adding a new member or kicking one out. Obviously if someone ends up dropping out, that’s their decision, not the groups. Please let group members know if you’re dropping.

When the moon comes up and you are in a Mitternacht game location, your symbol will have a faint glow. All teams will be assigned a particular color and that is the shade that it will glow. You’ll find it easier to find a team member on site before the games begin. Symbols shouldn’t be more than 3 x 3 inches otherwise they will be giant targets on your character! So if you have them on your shirt, they’ll be on the front like a logo on the left side.


Your character will be able to materialize a basic weapon for Mitternacht games. You may choose a weapon for your character based on their personality, interests or hobbies. Weapon choices will be reviewed by the mod team. Your character may only materialize these if the following restrictions are cleared:

* The sun has gone down.
* Your character is currently in the Mitternacht game area (mainly Corona and Surya and the islands of Uraeus)
* Your eclipse symbol is full or in the second stage and your team must have three or more members.


1. Do not talk about The Mitternacht Society with anyone who is not already a member.

2. In order to participate in Mitternacht games or events you must have two group members present. If only one shows up, you’re out of luck or you may be assigned to another team.

3. No killing. Obviously accidents can happen and there may be character deaths in this game. You may NOT kill off a character unless the player has given you permission. Dead characters will be resurrected the following day unless players have decided not to have that character resurrected. If your character is getting resurrected, the Society Certified mortician will collect your remains, put you back together and revive you. You will wake up in a drawer in a morgue at an abandoned hospital. Don’t forget to sign yourself out.

4. You’re competing and fighting with other groups so injuries are unavoidable. There will be an urgent care clinic set up in the abandoned hospital on game nights to patch you up should you need it. Don’t bother asking the nurses and doctors about the people behind the game, they won’t tell you.

Obviously your character can break any of the above rules, just keep in mind that there may or may not be spies from the Society keeping an eye out for people who break the rules. Your character may be punished for breaking the rules or you might get away with it. Mods will work on a case-by-case basis and probably flip a coin to decide what to do. Punishments will be pmed to the player and they will have to work with them IC. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope, we won’t hold it against you personally!

The Mitternacht Society has the right to remove a member of your team and replace them with a member of their choosing at any time. If the Society decides to move your character, you will be contacted via PM.


What kind of games to expect.
We will be changing up games as frequently as we can come up with them but you can expect anything from retrieving an item from a general location and delivering it to specific building or capturing a member of an opposing team to an "Easter egg hunt", in which many similar items will be hidden throughout an area and your team will need to collect as many as possible while sabotaging other teams.

We are open to any and all suggestions. If you have any ideas, please post them in the suggestion forum.

It may be difficult to decide how we want to go about having characters find items, so we may be trying a few different ways to see what works best for the game, so please bear with us while we work out the kinks.